About Forcoa.NET (FORgetting in COAuthorship NETwork)

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What is the purpose of this system?

The goal of Forcoa.NET project is to provide a view of the authors publishing in journals and on computer science conferences.

Is there a way to contact you?

Sure, you can use e-mail address milos.kudelka@vsb.cz or zdenek.horak@vsb.cz.

How do you create those graphs?

The project uses heuristics to assign a value called stability (see our paper) to each author and each tie between authors. The stability is calculated based on so-called forgetting curve (see Wikipedia on Forgetting curve), which is well-known heuristic describing human memory learning and forgetting process. The basic idea is that when two authors publish often and regularly, then their stability grows, otherwise the stability decreases. The stability of authors and their relations vary in time and from the point of view of the publication activity it describes the importance of the author or the importance of the relation between authors.

What can I do with your system?

In the Forcoa.NET project it is possible to observe not only the stability progress, but also the surroundings of particular authors (including the ability to filter out co-authors with low stability). Performed experiments prove, that the Forcoa.NET stability heuristic highly corresponds to the expert expectations.

Where did you get the data?

The source of the data for the Forcoa.NET project is the DBLP database (see DBLP website), which is one of the most trusted source in the field of computer science articles evidence.

Are you sure you have it right?

The purpose of the Forcoa.NET project is not to measure anything or to claim that some author is significant more than another. Therefore we do not rate the level of particular conferences or journals and we do not include any other publication activities. The results may serve as one of the possible sources of information showing the publication activity of an author and his co-authors.